Welcome To Alta Cresta Olive Orchard

In sunny Paso Robles California

Harvesting by hand

Minimizing damage to the olives!

From Orchard to Bottle

No Chemicals or Additives, Cold Pressed

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Alta Cresta Olive Oil, Inc.

Paso Robles, California

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Paso Robles

Alta Cresta Olive Oil, Inc. produces award winning extra virgin olive oil made exclusively from their estate olive orchard in Paso Robles California.  After each harvest the oils are certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council.

The olives are hand-picked in mid November and pressed within hours. The result is premium extra virgin olive oil with high polyphenol levels (antioxidants) and exceptionally low free acidity and peroxide levels.


Alta Cresta’s olive oils are Certified “Extra Virgin” by the California Olive Oil Council.  This means that our oils have met or exceeded both a scientific analysis (FDA requirements) and a sensory or taste analysis performed by a panel of experts.  This is your assurance that you are getting the highest and purest grade of olive oil possible.

Sustainable Farming Practices

We are focused on preserving good soil for the future by mulching our olive tree trimmings in the orchard and we do not use any harmful pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals of any kind.  The orchard utilizes only drip irrigation and water is applied sparingly and only during the growing season, typically between April and October.  If we receive rain during the growing season we adjust the irrigation accordingly.