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The Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced at Alta Cresta Olive Orchard are made exclusively from our estate grown Italian olive varietals. Tuscan varietals: Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino and southern Italian Coratina make up our orchard.

The olives are hand-picked in mid November and pressed within 24 hours. The result is premium extra virgin olive oil with exceptionally low free acidity and peroxide levels.

Our November 2015 olive harvest olive oils have been Certified ‘Extra Virgin’ by the California Olive Oil Council.

All three (Tuscan Blend, Italian Blend and Coratina) are at their freshest and full of olive fruit flavor. Visit our Olive Oil Store to purchase our Premium EVOO. You may also visit the orchard to purchase oil directly from us.


Award winning, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from CORATINA olives. This medium intensity oil is smooth with tastes of green olive fruit, almonds, and artichoke, with a peppery finish. This oil is a fantastic butter substitute. Try it on corn on the cob or to dip your boiled or grilled shrimp.

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Italian Blend

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A blend of all four of our estate grown Italian varietals. This robust oil has a tantalizing aroma, taste of green olive fruit with a latent pungency. Use this oil to add zest to your salads.

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Tuscan Blend

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  A blend of our three Tuscan olive varietals: Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino. This robust oil has the aroma of fresh cut grass, taste of green fruit and a piquant finish. A great finish for your favorite pasta dish.

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