About Alta Cresta Olive Orchard

Eric & Candice had been visiting Paso Robles frequently for many years and fell in love with the weather, the easy life style, and the friendly nature of the area. So, when they learned that the beautiful Alta Cresta Olive Orchard was for sale, they jumped at the chance to purchase a property that had been meticulously planned, built, and maintained by the previous owners. Eric & Candice have continued the same high level of care and diligence with the premium quality olive oil that is produced from the 750 Italian varietal trees on the property as confirmed by the many awards their olive oil receives.

They also welcome guests at their popular vacation rental, Alta Cresta Olive Cottage, to relax and enjoy the views from the Cottage patio and wander through the olive orchard. Having traveled extensively for business and pleasure, Eric and Candice know how to make their guests feel comfortable and welcome. Their goal is to create an atmosphere of relaxation while creating the ambiance of stepping into Tuscan country cottage.

Although Eric spent years in the corporate world, his passions include gourmet cooking, fine wine, music, landscape photography and spending time with his wife of 29 years, Candice. You can be assured that the olive oil produced here at Alta Cresta will be special because Eric is very competitive in his sporting endeavors and will carry that competitiveness over to producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil possible.

Candice, who retired a number of years ago, was an accomplished hair stylist with an impressive client list. She was also part of a well-known auto dealer family dynasty in Orange County California. The auto group was sold in 2014. Candice loves style, design, cooking with Eric and reading a good novel on the veranda overlooking the olive orchard.

Eric and Candace Kaltenbach