Alta Cresta Olive Oil, Inc. completed their 2018 olive harvest on November 12th.  Harvest began at day break with thirty people and air temperature at forty degrees.  Perfect conditions to keep the olives cool prior to milling.  All four varieties were hand harvested in the morning and milling began at 2:00pm.  When the olives arrived at the mill the owner/operator of the mill said, “This is the best fruit I have seen so far this year.”

Our 2018 crop was much smaller than 2017 with less the two tons of fruit.  Olive trees alternate with a heavier crop one year and a smaller crop the next.  So, 2018 was a smaller crop year.  And, with unusually high temperatures in February 2018 and freezing temps in early April the olive trees were a bit confused and thus the olive blooms were sparse later in April.

Next step is to complete the Extra Virgin certification process by the California Olive Oil Council.

Alta Cresta also produced a limited amount of their Olio Nuovo Olive Oil for 2018.  Olio Nuovo is oil that has just been pressed and is unfiltered.  It has a fresh, bold flavor and should be used within 90 days of harvest.