There are a lot of olive oil brands out there that claim to be all-natural extra virgin olive oil.  However, when tested in labs, their claims fell flat on their face and straight into the non-extra virgin category.

We guarantee that you will receive 100% additive and chemical free extra virgin olive oil that is certified as ‘extra virgin’ by the California Olive Oil Council.  Our extra virgin olive oil starts by hand picking olives from our own California estate grown Italian varietal olive trees. This ensures that the olives suffer minimal damage during harvest and all of their nutritional elements are unhindered.  Then we take the olives directly to the mill for processing.  The milling process is also chemical and additive free.  The extracted extra virgin olive oil is then stored in a temperature controlled room to preserve freshness.  We bottle our extra virgin olive oil in small lots to ensure that our customers only receive fresh and flavorful olive oil.

Our olive orchard is located on the sunny east side of Paso Robles California, and from our 1147 Italian varietal trees, we produce extra virgin olive oils that have a rich quotient of aroma, flavor and peppery finish.  Check out our lineup of extra virgin olive oils and artisan vinegars along with recipes that you are bound to savor.

If you are looking for premium quality, cold pressed, certified, 100% extra virgin olive oil, then look no further.  All of our award-winning extra virgin oils have exceptionally low free acidity, low peroxide levels, and significantly high polyphenol (antioxidant) levels.

Buy them today to experience the abundance of nature.

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